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Alfonso G. Rodenas is a five-time Grammy Award winning engineer with 35 years experience in the music industry.


  Alfonso G. Rodenas is a five-time Grammy Award winning engineer with over 35 years of music industry experience, encompassing a wide range of musical styles.

  Alfonso’s professional career began in Valencia-Spain, where he was the chief engineer in  acclaimed studio, Tabalet Estudis. Alfonso climbed the engineering career ladder, assisting and later recording some of the best World Orchestras to visit Valencia in the nineties, as well as some of the most relevant contemporary and classical music ensembles from Valencia and the Spanish national scene of the time. He also enjoyed the great opportunity to work with some of the most important jazz groups and orchestras in Valencia’s rich jazz circles.

  Singer songwriters and bands of all styles paraded through Tabalet Estudis and Mr. Rodenas was an important part of the Studio's music production proposal. Additionally, music for Movies, Theatre, TV serials and commercials were also a part of his daily work flow. 

  In 2003, after his meteoric rise to the top of the music scene in his home town Valencia, Alfonso decided to take a big chance and moved to America. Thanks to the early mentorship and good advice of acoustic and studio designer, Vincent Van Haff, Alfonso started to hang out with and assist renowned Latin engineer Benny Faccone working with Maná, Marco Antonio Solis and bands like Pito Perez.

  Mr.Faccone introduced Rodenas to 2001's producer of the year, K.C. Porter and he became KC’s house engineer at his Calabasas Home Studio, engineering projects for Algerian singer Khaled, including his collaboration with Carlos Santana, Spanish Reggaetón artist Huecco, Iraqui singer Kadim Al-Sager and Paula Cole, Los Angeles based band Ozomatli or Tracy Lions.

  In 2006 thanks to songwriter Rafael Esparza, Alfonso was introduced to BMI Icons, Los Tigres del Norte, with whom he has enjoyed working with for the last 15 years and with whom he has won three Grammy awards, two Latin Grammy Awards and several nominations.

  In between Los Tigres del Norte albums, Alfonso has worked with producers Like Ben Vaughn, Paul Lacques, George Calderon or Dennys Dreith among others.

  Top L.A. Americana bands like I See Hawks in L.A., Old Californio and singer songwriters Like Mark Olson (The Jay Hawks), John Coinman or Gerry Spehar. Artists like Francis MacDonald (Teenage Fan Club) , Malcom King Fontana, Mark Miller, Rafael Moreira's Magnético, The Furious Seasons, Tony Gilkyson, Paul Nelson, Adam Lambert, Steve Cook, Dan Krikorian, Johnny Corralitos, Sulli, Anthony Lacques' Stoney Spring, Tim O’Gara, Shannon Michael Terry, Phil Crosby, El Twanguero, Los Pinguos, El Pescao, Austin Rogers, Analog Dog, Chris Elliot, Cesar “Vampiro” Lopez, Monoplasma, Victor Monroy y Pastilla, Cuevo, Mike Murray, Raphael Schmidt, Killing Casanova, Sugar in the Gourd, Juan Vinuesa, Scott Hartwig, Roberto Hermosillo, New Maximum Donkey, Pablito & Su Pandilla, Rick Ellis, Sayed Sabrina, Jeff Kossack, Sophia Elena and The Citie to name a few. A whirlwind of very diverse and rich musical styles to say the least..

  As a composer Alfonso is in demand for library’s musical cues and film television scores.

  In addition he is chief composer, producer and writer for his band The Blue Dolphins. The Blue Dolphins have been showcased throughout the world on radio and tv, played in the US, Mexico, Spain and UK on a regular basis.

  A high-end music editor, vocal producer, recordist, mixer and mastering engineer, Alfonso excels in all audio techniques and disciplines. As a freelance engineer Alfonso is comfortable and at ease in all types of studio environments with all kinds of equipment. His preferred studio being his home studio in Malibu Canyon, California.

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